Our founders:

We get a lot of questions about our founders, so this might clear a few things up:

We are two brothers and, yes, Schnipper really is our last name. (It’s Eastern European if you must know.) One of us is a Leo and one an Aquarius. Andrew jogs to Pagliacci on his iPod, while Jon prefers Metallica. We don’t agree on a lot of things – but when it comes to eating, we really do think alike. Ever since mom’s Saturday sloppy Joes, we’ve been passionate about two things — cooking and eating. As founders and owners of Hale & Hearty Soups (from 1995 to 2006) we served some great food to quite a few of the 8 million people in New York City. And sure, soup is good food, but when you get right down to it, nothing really beats a quality burger, right?

So we started traveling around the country driving each other crazy, but also tasting burgers, learning about meat, and what elevates a burger to legendary status. We had some great burgers and tried things we couldn’t easily find at home. We had fantastic fish tacos in San Diego, model–friendly salads in Los Angeles, kick-ass dogs in Chicago, and amazing sandwiches in the strangest of places. Jon wanted to focus on just burgers, Andrew wanted 150 other items as well, and in the end we came up with a menu that we thought was just right with an array of foods we loved to eat. Hopefully you will too.

— Jonathan and Andrew Schnipper

620 8th Ave
New York
NY 10018
(212) 921-2400

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